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Project Management


Workflow enabled that helps better collaboration

Project Planning

We build the MDM Roadmap at a very detailed level.

  • Identify Project Scope and Deliverables.
  • Detailed task assigned to resource with a detailed statement of work identifying start and end date.
  • Approved tasks are assigned to the program team calendar.


  • User friendly development workbench that navigates the resource from their calendar to the task assigned for them to work on and complete.

Project Reporting

When the program team provides status of their assignments for each week, Cloud MDM 360 automatically updates %task, %time, time and cost details.

Executive Reporting

The executive sponsor can view the status by project, monthly or weekly as a Gantt chart, time and cost reports by resources, and by project with capability to drill down the task level.

Design and Normalize Data Model.

  • The hierarchy management capability allows the business users arrange hierarchies at the appropriate level using simple drag and drop.
  • Attribute Validity enables the business users normalize attributes at the appropriate levels in a very intuitive method.
  • The User Interface component automatically build the Web UI based on the hierarchy and Entities selected simulating the look and feel of an MDM application.

Document management.

Cloud MDM 360’s in-built tools are designed to give a look and feel of leading MS office tools like Calendar, Excel, Word, Flow Charts and pseudocode editor that help the MDM program team deliver the onboarding process and business logic.

Legacy Data Migration.

Cloud MDM 360’s data migration tool is designed to migrate legacy data and data models to the new MDM data model based on the customers business need.

Data Quality

Cloud MDM 360’s data quality capability is designed to profile legacy master data and recommend cleanse and standardization based on the customers business need.