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Customer Specific Settings


Maintain location specific calendars and identify work hours per day and holidays. The Task can be assigned to the program team for their available hours based on the work hours allocated to the project.


Identify the resources, locations and hours allocated to each project. A program task can be assigned only for the available hours on their work calendar.


Maintain multiple projects within the MDM Roadmap, as MDM programs are more successful when broken down by manageable deliverables.
For example; As-is process, To-be process, Data Migration, Proof of concept etc.

Domain specific templates

Cloud MDM 360 has developed domain specific templates that identify statement of work for each task and method to complete the deliverable which could either be excel, flow chart, pseudocode, word pad, import or export csv file.
Templates support industry-standard data formats like ACES, PIES and GS1.


Documentation to support the MDM repository is created by projects which can be imported to any MDM application to build the required components.