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Build To-be process

Identify enhancements and requirements

Prioritize requirements for the future state MDM process should support. Identify the task that will

Build Future state data model.

Future state data model can be designed to support all leading vendors in the market.

Normalize hierarchies, entities, attribute validity and user interface.

Design the data model to support industry-standard data formats in exchanging master data information across the supply chain.

Design Integrations.

Identify all integrations from and to the new MDM process. System create the swim lane diagrams automatically.

Re-design onboarding flows and validation rules.

Use the editor to define the onboarding flows and the pseudocode that automatically create flow charts.

Compare to-be process flows to the as-is process flows.

Map the to-be process task to multiple as-is process task for traceability.

For example:

The to-be process has consolidated 3 manual steps into 1 automated step in the new MDM process.