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Build As-is process

Import Legacy Data for each application.

Customer will extract the master data for a specific domain / application and stage it to any database for Analysis.

Build Legacy data model.

Profiler workbench has the capability to build the legacy data model from the master data provided by the customer.

Profile data to support standardization.

Profiler workbench can help identify the data types, missing values, any special characters, case mis match and duplication based on rules provided by the business users.

Apply Data Cleanse and De-duplication rules.

Profiler workbench can help business users view the issues on the web UI. Business users can choose to approve the recommendation suggested or override.
Once the data is cleansed and standardized the de-duplication process can remove errors and identify duplicate master records.
Identify issues and gaps.

View the legacy data and identify issues and gaps in the legacy applications data and data model.