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About us

About Us


Headquartered in Denver, Colorado (U.S.A), ezeeconfig provides master data migration when moving to a modern ERP or MDM application.

What we do best

We help organizations delivers a high-quality data migration and modernization program to take advantage of database in-memory processing features, additional governance, and data quality capabilities that help to build an effective digital strategy.

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Data migration accelerator

CDM360 evolved when implementing master data migration projects for ten years spanning across industries, domains, and MDM vendor applications.

Modernization projects lack a good strategy due to

  • Mergers/de-mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Organizations are moving away from legacy on-premise applications to the cloud saas applications.

ezeeconfig advantage
  • Our data migration methodology helps collaboration between the functional business users and the technical team resulting in high-quality master data.
  • Build an effective data migration strategy and project plan to help identify deliverables and dependencies.

Technology Partners

CDM360 is designed to integrate with various vendor applications.