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About us

About Us


Headquartered in Denver, Colorado (U.S.A), ezeeconfig provides master data migration, implement multi-domain MDM application for all major MDM vendors.

What we do best

We help clients deliver a centralized and enriched master data using our accelerated template methodology using Cloud MDM 360, that help customers complete their MDM programs in a very short time.

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MDM Accelerator

Cloud MDM 360 was developed from our experience implementing MDM projects over a period of 10 years spanning across industries, domains and MDM vendor applications.

  • Cloud MDM 360’s data Profiler UI is designed to build the As-is Metadata model, Cleanse and identify positive duplicates from the legacy master data provided by the customer.
  • Cloud MDM 360’s Stibo Systems UI plug-in is designed to implement the Stibo Step PIM solution in the most intuitive way.
  • Cloud MDM 360’s industry-standard data formats UI plug-in helps trading partners in Automotive (ACES, PIES), Retail, Health care, Food Processing (GS1) design these standards quick and easy

ezeeconfig Advantage
  • Over 10 years of experience implementing Data migration and multi domain MDM programs.
  • Cloud MDM 360’s accelerated approach to any MDM implementation style.
  • Cloud MDM 360’s implementation methodology is unique compared to other vendors providing similar services.
  • Empower more controls to the business users who have limited time to spare from their regular work.
  • Effective documentation and Collaboration between the program teams in gathering requirements for the new MDM business model.
  • Ability to preview what to expect from the new MDM application.
  • Effective project planning, monitoring and real time executive reporting.
  • Ability to deliver fixed price Data Migration and multi-domain MDM programs.

MDM Vendor applications we support

Cloud MDM 360 is designed to integrate with various vendor applications.